Spring Into Laser Hair Removal Specials!

Full Brazilian + Underarms Laser Hair Removal = only $100 per treatment!

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Affordable Laser Hair Removal in Austin, TX

Never shave, wax or epilate again!

With over 12 years of experience, the Professional Laser Hair Removal Center in South Austin, TX guarantees permanent results and the best, most effective laser hair removal for men and women. We encourage you to come in for a FREE test spot and a FREE consultation so you can experience the results for yourself before spending money for a full laser treatment.

Our technicians have devoted more than 12 years to helping men and women rid their bodies of unwanted hair – from the upper lip to the entire chest and back – all the while causing minimal discomfort.

Call us today to get a FREE consultation and a FREE test spot!

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See for yourself how our professional laser hair removal treatment will work for you— you’ll love your new silky-smooth skin!

Our affordable laser hair removal prices for each treatment:

  • Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: $75.00
  • Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal: $60.00
  • Full Legs Laser Hair Removal: $200.00 
  • Lower Legs (Knee Down) Laser Hair Removal: $150.00
  • Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: $50.00
  • Underarms Laser Hair Removal: $45.00
  • Arms Laser Hair Removal: $100.00
  • Men’s Back Laser Hair Removal: $200.0
  • Men’s Chest Laser Hair Removal: $200.00
  • Men’s Abdomen Laser Hair Removal: $100

Laser Hair Removal Combo Specials!

  • Underarms + Full Brazilian = $100
  • Full Brazilian + Lower Legs = $170
  • Underarms + Lower Legs = $160
  • Underarms + Full Brazilian + Lower Legs = $190 (best value)

More combined discount packages are available! – call us today to learn more: (512) 736-3659

* Prices are for each laser hair removal treatment *

Professional Laser Hair Removal Center’s technicians have devoted more than 12 years to helping men and women rid their bodies of unwanted fuzz. Utilizing a Candela GentleLase cosmetic laser system, these technicians target follicles with pulses of laser light energy, which prevents the hairs from growing back over time. Before each pulse, the hand piece’s dynamic cooling device sprays the skin with a brief burst of cryogen, minimizing any discomfort that the treatment may cause. The appointments can take as little as 10 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated, although they can take as long as one hour if clients want to test the laser’s effects on a peach.

We pride ourselves in being Austin’s best, most affordable full-service laser hair removal salon, specializing in “the Brazilian” and providing excellence in service and performance. Whether you’re looking to continue your laser hair removal treatments or begin your treatments with us, the Professional Laser Hair Removal Center will leave your skin feeling smooth, hairless and beautiful for an affordable price.

In just 2-5 treatments, you’ll notice your unwanted hair vanishing for good! Our state-of-the-art Gentle Gentle Lase™ hair removal equipment paired with our dynamic cooling technique will not only permanently remove unwanted hair, but guarantees an effective, safe treatment. Our laser hair removal specialists are passionate about providing you with the best possible laser hair removal treatment and will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible!

HOW Laser Hair Removal Works:

A hair cycle normally takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to grow, and most patience will require 6-10 sessions to completely remove any unwanted hair. We can laser every part of the body other than your eyebrows. Our certified estheticians will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible and give you as much information as possible about your laser hair removal treatment.

Read more about our Professional Laser Hair Removal and How to Get the Most Benefit from Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Come to the Professional Laser Hair Removal Center today and have your unwanted hair removed forever!

Contact us at (512) 736-3659 for more details about our laser hair removal services.

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